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Intelligent Home and Business Systems Begin With ICC Innovated Communication & Construction, LLC.

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ICC... Innovated Communication & Construction, LLC. works with Homeowners, Businesses & Non-Profit Organizations throughout New Jersey, NYC / New York State and Eastern Pennsylvania. Let's work together to bring the next generation of smart living environments into your life!
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Begin and end with your happiness in mind!

We know what it takes to bring a smart home renovation to a successful completion. It takes smart communication and smart construction.

It takes smart teamwork, the highest cutting-edge smart home technologies and devotion to smart quality workmanship.

Most importantly… it must create a smart value for you the Homeowner!

Our mission is forged into everyone on the job.

You can count on it!

Thank you,

Paul Wojtowicz  – President

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Paul Wojtowicz - President

I have 40 plus years’ experience in Home Remodeling and I’ve seen more than you can believe. 

Today, our focus is on bring the next generation of smart living into homes throughout all of New Jersey, New York City / New York State and Eastern Pennsylvania.

I have a personal interest in helping disabled veterans, as well as others with disabilities.

Being a Senior, I know firsthand the benefits of having a smart home and how it improves my quality of life.

Our goal is to work with homeowners to bring “Smart Home Technology Dreams” into their lives today!

Smart Home Environments

Our goal is to work with homeowners to bring the Smart into their Homes today!

THX Technology Certified

THX Certification is a globally recognized assurance of uncompromising quality, consistency and performance. THX blends art, technology and the dynamics of real world viewing environments to ensure products deliver the artist’s true vision.

We are uncompromising!

ICC is  THX Certified.

Smart Design Build Process

Our clients work closely with our Architects, AV Specialist and Construction Team every step of the way.

The goals of the project and budget are constantly monitored by everyone throughout the process.

No surprises.


Smart Homes for the Disabled

We are currently working on developing funding for Smart Home Technology for the Disabled.

Crestron Certified

The amount of detailed technical information behind-the-scene simply isn’t available unless you go thru the Crestron’s Certification process.

Our expertise has come because of our dedication and long hours of hard work.

We deliver unparalleled quality.

ICC is Crestron Certified

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