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Inhouse Architect /
Design Build Planning

We control cost by bring our clients a single contract for both design and construction. No Surprises with ICC’s Design Build Process.

Whole House /
Interior Renovations

Bring the future into your whole house, kitchen, bathroom, theater room and outside living space with ICC’s Smart Home Technologies.

Disable Veterans /
Handicap Discounts

At ICC, we take a strong personal interest in helping disabled veterans as well as others with disabilities.

Fully Insured /
Professional Certifications

Everyone on the job is fully insured… we guarantee it! ICC is certified for both Crestron and THX Technologies installations.

ICC's Process

Integrating Smart Technology Products

ICC starts by asking you… “How smart do you want your home to be and why?”

Establishing goals helps quickly define the products and services you need. We then create a design that integrates the latest smart home technologies within your budget. Working through this process will give you the peace of mind that your project will be everything your wanted.

Every Day Challenges
Home & Business Networks
Movie Night
Outdoor Living Spaces
Yacht & RV's

No matter how anyone wants to look at today’s Disabled Veterans plight, it isn’t going away. In fact, it’s growing.

This issue is a Major National Social Disgrace that needs to be addressed now.

ICC commitment is unwavering. We understand that funding for Smart Homes for Disabled Veterans is extremely limited. We are currently looking for severely Disabled Veterans to fight for. Please reach out to us if you or a Family member know of a severely Disabled Veterans needing help.


Bandwidth requirements on your smart home network needs to be carefully analyzed first during the planning stages. Second, scalability of future needs must all be carefully thought out and built into your plan. Third, the theoretical life cycle of all your smart home devices must be taken into account. You do not want to be buying high-tech that has been around for a while.

The AV specialist is extremely important at this stage and their qualifications must be verified. ICC is certified with THX Technologies and Centron. Two leading Smart Home technology providers in the world.

Set the right mood by integrating a truly connected viewing and listening experience with Smart Ambient Lighting and Smart Speaker Systems.

Control all the interior lighting and with window treatment controls even the outside lights.

It’s now your time to relax!

It’s time for you to get that dedicated Home Theater Room you’ve been dreaming about for years.

This is not the time to compromise… It’s time to be smart and call on a team of professionals that have the experience to turn your dreams into your reality.

ICC has been doing this for over 40 years. With our team of Design Build experts, Architects and AV Specialists you can be assured of one thing… You will be living your dream.

Add the same Smart Home Devices you enjoy Inside… Outdoors.

Install lighting solutions that are programmable, energy efficient, and easily controlled remotely by a phone or iPad.

ICC can build you a powerful Smart Home Theater or Smart Home Concert Hall under the stars.

Yachts and RV’s need to be Smart too!

Bring the excitement of Smart Home Living on the road and into the water.

ICC can help you maximize you recreational experience by outfitting your Yacht and RV with the latest Smart Mobile Devices.

Let's Get Smart Together

Start preparing for your future with ICC Innovated Communication & Construction, LLC.


Collaboration Solution that Work.

In Every Way. In Ever Space.

Today and Tomorrow.

Creston Flex.

ICC is Crestron Certified

Samsung Smart Home Systems

Samsung Smart TV opens a new world of entertainment.

Your Smart TV easily connects to online streaming, videos, games, music and more. Instantly access your favorite content with universal search and control it all with voice assistant.


AQ Color

Authentic 4K color you can trust. Accurate colors for darkrooms

Cinematic Color

THX Technologies

THX is committed to delivering high quality entertainment experiences
to audiences everywhere, using the highest possible quality standards, specifications and technologies. Learn more about THX Technologies.

ICC is THX Certified.

Sony Smart Entertainment Centers

Enhance your Smart Home Life with Sony’s smart TV features, including built-in Google Assistant, hands-free control & all of your favorite entertainment apps.

Connect to a smarter world.

Control your home automation.


Feel your music… Don’t just hear it!

Enjoy crisp powerful, amplified sound with a new DENON Home Theater System.